President’s introduction

Welcome to the International Research Network in Sport Tourism website.

IRNIST is an association bringing academics and professionals invested in Sport Tourism together. The purpose of the association is to increase scientific knowledge in the field of Sports Tourism and the collaboration of interested parties. The aim of our work is to obtain local sustainable development thanks to Sport Tourism.

Sports tourism can be a powerful tool for local development in any country, region or town. However, the studies concerning this domain are still relatively few and focus mainly on one geographic area, town, or county. Rarely do studies try to compare the effects of a sports event on several places. The study of a sports event in a single town is like a chamber orchestra. The study of the same kind of event across several countries is more like a symphony orchestra. That is why all the research developed by IRNIST is at the international level.

IRNIST is organized around web seminars (webinars) 3-4 times a year, a conference every 18 months and collaborations which are born through the site. Every association member who wishes to develop a research topic will find colleagues worldwide to work with; the site can be thought of as the beating heart of the collaborations. Anything can be realized and likeminded people can be brought together to aid and strengthen the research on Sport Tourism.

Members receive newsletters several times a year which invites them to the webinars and the conferences and announces new research domains, new co-tutored theses, etc. To become a member of IRNIST, see the Membership menu. Becoming a member is easy, and free of charge.
IRNIST is connected to a Research Laboratory housed by the University of Lille, the URePSSS (Unité de Recherche Pluridisciplinaire Sport Santé Société).

Take time to visit the site and see its possibilities. If you have any proposal or advice, you can contact me at

Claude SOBRY